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Shoring New York

If you don't do construction work, you may not know what shoring is, but if you live in New York you've probably seen shoring in real life more than once. (On the other hand, the actual fact that you're visiting this page most likely means that you are familiar with the meaning of the word shoring, and also that you live in New York. So the rest of this text is probably aimed at one of your relatives who is in a different business... unless you find it curious, then you're welcome to read on!

Shoring in construction, in simplified terms, is the art of propping a wall with something strong, to prevent that wall from collapsing on someone weak. There's a hell of a lot of walls in New York City, and quite a few people, so there's a lot of propping (shoring) to be done here. That brings us, All-Safe, LLC, into the picture, because (if you don't count the Department of Buildings) we are the ultimate shoring authority in New York.

What makes us the authority? Our experience and the quality of our work.

You need shoring services in construction whenever you have to temporarily remove a supporting wall or a column. With that wall or column removed, the floors and beams of the building experience a lot of physical stress (it takes a New York inhabitant to know about stress). Shoring is the solution.

The traditional shoring technique in building construction is called "raking shores": the supports push the supported surface at a sixty to seventy degree angle. Some form of a wall plate is typically use to maximize the effectiveness of shoring.

In shoring, often several timbers (rakers) of different lengths are used simultaneously at the same area, increasing their effectiveness. In such cases, the timbers are propped against the walls at the levels of the two or three floors they support.

These are just a few random facts about shoring in New York, but we would be glad to tell you more. If you're interested in more information or in our shoring services, you are welcome to call our office anytime during normal working ours: 718-389-9400.

In addition to shoring, our company provides multiple other types of services in New York: Scaffolding New York, Hoist New York, Mast Climber NY, Construction Hoist NY, Personnel Hoist NY, Material Hoist NY, Work Platform NY, Sidewalk Bridge New York, and Storefront Enclosure

Several photos below show San Jose Iglesia in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2006 provided shoring services for that church. We are not limited to New York!

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Three photos below show the shoring services done by All-Safe, LLC at 22 Washington Square in New York.

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